STEP 2 Future Simple or Future Continuous (TEST 1)


Future Simple czy Future Continuous?
Wstaw odpowiednią formę w ramkę.

1. (you pass)   me the salt, please?

2. I (sleep) when you get back from business trip.

3. Who (be) the next president?

4. Tomorrow, at 5 o'clock I (tidy) my flat.

5. It is too expensive, I (not/pay) !

6. Tomorrow at this time I (travel) to Thailand.

7. I can't stay any longer, my family (come) tomorrow.

8. Look at those black clouds! It (rain) .

9. What (you buy) her for anniversary?

10. Tonight they (talk and play) and cards.

11. What (we, eat) for supper?

12. The tourists (travel) by coach all day.

13. At 9 o’clock we (watch) your interview on TV.

14. At 9 o'clock Ann (call) you with information.

15. If you study more you (pass) this exam.

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