Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous czy Past Simple TEST 2


1. I (not go) to the cinema this month.

2. How long  (you wait) here?

3. We (have) this washing machine for many years. It’s high time to buy a new one.

4. He’s not available. (he / talk) on his phone for hours.

5. She (play) volleyball at school but she didn't like it.

6. I (never see)   such a great film.

7. Their microwave broke down last month and they (not use) it since then.

8. Last year I (visit) New York.

9. How long (she/be) ill?

10. When I was in Italy, I (eat)   the best pizza in my life

11. I (eat) many Italian dishes so far.

12. Where're your glasses? I don't know. I (lose) them.

13. Kate (not pass) his first driving test because she was so nervous.

14. I (play) the guitar since I was a child - I'm pretty good

15. How (you break) your leg? By accident?

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