Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous czy Past Simple TEST 1


1. I (visit) Berlin three times.

2. I (live)   in Cracow for two years now.

3. Last night I (lose) my keys – I had to wake my mum up to let me in.

4. We (know) each other for a long time.

5. I (see) this famous singer many times because he lives next door.

6. I (read) all day.

7. Where is Kate? I don't know. She (leave) .

8. Last month I (go) to Budapest.

9. Where’s Ann? She (leave) 5 minutes ago, I don’t know where.

10. I (lose) money, can you lend me some?

11. Henryk Sieniewicz (write) a lot of interesting novels.

12. How long (she work) here?

13. When (he, go) to London?

14. Jeremy Clarkson (write) a lot of funny books.

15. My English tutor (teach) me for two years

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