All tenses test 2


1. Why (you write) this book for such a long time?

2. As a child (you swim) every day?

3. What (smell) so wonderful?

4. I (do) homework when the phone rang.

5. (you, be) still sad?

6. When I got to the party, everybody (already leave).

7. This is the second pill I (take) to relieve the pain.

8. When I arrived at the cafe, Sue (wait) for me almost an hour.

9. Next year we (be) in London for a 20 years.

10. Hey, be quiet! The teacher (come) .

11. I couldn't sit in the park because they (paint) the benches.

12. Kate will not come, she (help) her mother in the garden.

13. It's been ages since I last (see) you.

14. By the time the police arrived, the burglars (run)   away.

15. Why (you take) this umbrella? It isn’t raining.

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