All tenses test 1


1. My bus (leave) in 2 hours. Could you give me a lift?

2. She (learn) English for four years now.

3. The flowers in your garden (smell) so nice, can I take some home?

4. This time tomorrow I (fly) to Australia, I can’t wait.

5. Oh no! I (not switch) off the oven before I left my house!

6. I (never eat) such a delicious meal.

7. I was very surprised when she said she (fail) her job interview.

8. Next week I (go) to this school for 2 years.

9. Every year Kate (go) to Paris

10. Where is your brother? I (not hear) from him for ages!

11. For how long (you teach)   in this school?

12. Climate change (get) more and more dangerous.

13. Tomorrow at this time they (relax) on holidays.

14. Next year we (be) married for a 20 years.

15. During my stay in Rome the weather was terrible. It (rain) all the time.

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