STEP 4 Present Simple or Present Continuous TEST 2


Present Simple czy Present Continuous? Wybierz właściwą odpowiedź.

Potrzebujesz powtórki? Zajrzyj tutaj!

1. Quiet please! I (learn) .

2. He usually (drink) coffee with milk.

3. I (not do)   anything at the moment.

4. My grandpa often (forget) to lock the door.

5. This term, I (study)   German instead of English.

6. Listen! She (talk) just as her mother.

7. My parents (not understand) that I need to go out this evening.

8. Dinner (smell) very tasty.

9. I (look) for a job now.

10. (you think) it’s a good idea?

11. What (you do) now?

12. (he read)   books?

13. Have we met? You (look)   familiar.

14. (your mother go) shopping every Saturday?

15. I can’t open the door! I (talk)   on the phone.

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