Present Simple or Present Continuous Test 1


1.I (bake) cake tonight. Would you like to come?

2. What (you, do) ? I'm a policeman.

3. She's Polish- she (come) from Cracow.

4. Smoking (cause)

5. What is she doing? She (have) a shower.

6. Look at that skirt! It (look) amazing.

7. She never (get) up before 7 am.

8. Water (freeze) below zero.

9. Every time after running I (feel)   happy.

10. Can I borrow your pen? Sure, I (not use)  it now.

11. Her perfumes (smell) lovely.

12. I usually (listen) to music in the evening.

13. They (want)   to go to the cinema now.

14. Can you help me? Sorry, I (not have) time at the moment.

15. Currently I (write) a book about my adventures in Australia.

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