Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous czy Past Simple TEST 3


1. Kate has had her own business since she (resign) from her last job.

2. Our parents(buy) this painting in Cracow 10 years ago.

3. I (have) this bike for a long time.

4. Sorry, I (miss) the tram - I'm going to be late.

5. They (know) me for many, many years.

6. I was in New York two years ago and I (spend) there a great time.

7. Look! Someone (damage) the bench. It looks terrible!

8. How long (you, study) psychology?

9. Mum doesn´t know about the damaged car. My brother (not tell) her yet.

10. She (not eat) breakfast yet, and it´s already half past twelve!

11. She (not eat) any meat when she was little - now she loves it!

12. He (not smoke) for three weeks. He is trying to give it up.

13. He (not play) volleyball for five years

14. I can´t go out, I (not tidy)   my room yet.

15. Jack is a lawer. He (work) as a lawer since graduation and he loves this job.

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