Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous czy Past Simple TEST 2


1. (you, dance) __________ Tango before or was it the first time?

2. I (finish) _________ homework before she (arrive) __________.

3. He (have) __________ his bike for 3 months before he (sell) __________ it.

4. We (use) __________ all the salt and had to lend some from our neighbours.

5. When we went back, our house was empty. Somebody (rob) __________  us.

6. It was the second time I (eat) _________ sushi that week.

7.  I (wait) __________ for 1 hour before Ann arrived.

8. We were good friends. We (know) _________ each other for a long time.

9. She (ask) __________  for this presentation for a long time and finally she (get) ___________ it.

10. I (ride) __________ for two hours when, all of a sudden, the bike (brake) __________ down.

11. We (run) __________ for an hour when I suddenly (faint) ______________.

12. I (not be) ___________ thirsty, because I (already drink) __________ a bottle of water.

13. How long (work / she) __________ in Poland before she (go) __________ to London?

14. Mike (not travel) __________ by plane before so he (be) __________ a bit nervous.

15. We (look for) __________ her keys for two hours and then she (find) __________ them in her bag.

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