Future Simple or Future Continuous (Test 2)


1. (they/visit) us next week?

2. He (wait) for quite some time for this train.

3. She (go) there if she earns more money.

4. I'm afraid she (not pass) this exam.

5. We (go) for long walks.

6. This task is difficult. I (help) you with it.

7. I (learn)   English if I move to London.

8. Tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock he won`t be with us, he (swim) in the sea.

9. He (become) a popular singer one day.

10. At this time tomorrow they (write) their final exam.

11. (they decorate) the walls all the morning?

12. I am ill so I (not/come) to your party.

13. Do you think you (learn) here in six months` time?

14. Look out! She (fall) off the ladder!

15. A: Ann has just come from her holidays.
B: Yes, I know, I (visit) her tomorrow.

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