Częściowe tłumaczenia T.8


1. This is (drugi raz) I have asked you not to talk so loudly on the phone.

2. Ann works for a charity organisation (która pomaga zwierzętom)

3. I couldn’t go to the party last night because (uczyłam się) for a test.

4. (Nie ma żadnej) water left in the fridge.

5. It was (za późno) for me to get a ticket for the concert.

6. I burnt my hand while (prasowałam) yesterday.

7. Tom is in the garage. (On naprawia) his car.

8. Can you (powiedzieć mi, jak) to use this cell phone?

9. The new road (będzie zbudowana) next year.

10. I think (powinien być) a ban on smoking in restaurants.

11. I (musiałam) work long hours last week.

12. We (nie musimy) to be afraid of the exam it won’t be difficult.

13. If you don’t know something, (zapytaj swojego nauczyciela) .

14. Can I ask you (kilka pytań) ?

15. This cell phone is (droższa niż) the one we saw yesterday.

16. It’s (zbyt późno aby) go to the shop.

17. Stop looking (na siebie) in the mirror. We don’t have time.

18. This dress (jest taka droga) . I can’t afford it.

19. Do you know where the (jest restauracja) ?

20. We (lubimy oglądać) films.

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