Czasy bez Perfect TEST 1


1.We (learn) from 12 to 2 o’clock tomorrow.

2. Usually, I work out at a gym, but this summer I (work) at the local swimming pool.  

3. I hate living in London. It always (rain)   here.

4. Would you stop talking! I (try) to learn.

5. When she got home, she (call) her husband.

6. Who (you talk) to on the phone when I arrived?

7. In two days’ time I (write) English exam.

8. You can take my car. I (not use) it now.

9. Remember to take an umbrella. It (rain) .

10.  Kate fell asleep while she (learn) .

11. I (paint) the walls whole next day.

12. I can’t hear the announcement. Everybody (talk) so loudly.

13. Every morning she (drink) coffee.

14. Jim (repair) his car whole last Saturday.

15. They (give) you the money next week.

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